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  • Compatible:Support Bluetooth 4.0 Android 4.4 or iOS 7.0 and above phones.
  • Function:Compare with Heart Rate Monitor Version-2016 Nwely LED Display Touchpad Mi Band 2 with Following Different Design:1.With OLED Display Touchpad;2.Touch Manipulation;3.Brand-New Bracelet Design;4.Upgrade Pedometer Algorithm
  • Feature:Reading heart rate precisely by the installed sensor. Monitoring and reminding your heart rate when you are doing sports.The newest Xiaomi Mi Band adds the function of remind of long sitting. It is designed for the over-time employees or the group of people who lack of excises. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vibrates when you sit too long and reminds you to get up and go out to do sports.
  • New Skin-Friendly Material:bracelet body made of softer body skin-friendly material, breathable anti-sweat, a give you a better wearing experience.
  • Unique Identity ID:Each Newly LED Display Mi Band 2 have separate identity ID,you can unlock the phone without password when you used Android phones to close the Mi bracelet;Vibrating Alert Message:ewly LED Display Mi Band 2 will vibrating alert when the phone receives an incoming call or text message notification even if the phone on your bag,vibrating alert will let you know the first time Important Notice

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New Original Bracelet with Smart Heart Rate Fitness Touchpad OLED Screen

  • Məhsul Kodu: New Original Bracelet with Smart
  • Mövcudluğu: Anbarda
  • 60.00 AZN

  • 42.00 AZN

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